Thursday, March 20, 2008

Light baking with RenderMan

This is another way to use RenderMan (Pixie) with Blender.

Check this blend file: 450 K

After opening press P-key to start game engine.

All light in this scene baked to textures.

Rendering done with a lot of passes.

First pass is photon map.

Second is indirect diffuse and direct light with raytraced shadows. In this pass I wrote point cloud map from Ci in surface shader in st space.

And finally I had added separate pass to each object to convert point cloud to texture.

This way to bake texture will be available as plug-in for Ribber3 exporter which we (Qewerty and I) intend to write.


  1. No thats Extremely COOL!!
    I've always wondered why we don't see more render quality realtime 3D using baking. Unless I'm not understanding you can bake almost anything you can render, combine that with some of the latest glsl shaders like normal mapping environment mapping ect I would think you could make incredible interactive environments.
    As much as I love 3D rendering I know without a doubt realtime 3D is the future CG!

  2. Another interesting thing is geometry baking HighPoly-LowPoly=Dsiplacement map.

    Bake them all 8)

  3. Yeah, thats one of the things I really look forward to in Blender 2.46. I've read they've added the ability to bake the sculpt tool levels to displacement and normal maps. I hope to use that like I did with the Killeroo to really take advantage of micropolys :) The only problem at the moment is no ones sure they'll add support for particles at all :(
    Cool scenes won't be as cool without hair, grass, leaves, ect :-/
    Anyway I really like this example, are you guys planning on maybe trying normal mapping too? Can Blender's game engine use custom glsl shaders?