Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sintel now available

 Congrats to the Blender Foundation! I have been awaiting this film for quite some time, even had the chance to chat every now and then with some of the guys. During the course of their production those of us working on "Project Widow" took note of some of the methods the BF had done, in particular Blender-Aid, so in a way Sintel has been a good source of reference and information, even in such cases as the modeling sprint, used some of the models for testing with Renderman. In such case aside from the texture format change was pretty solid export, even from 2.49. Nathan in particular has been a real joy to chat with, spending time in the Aqsis chat room and in one such case showed Paul Gregory and I a video preview of his basic exporter using a rigged Sintel model. Of course there has been a lot of behind the scenes talks between developers about the RenderAPI, something that we have been encouraging for some time now.

I guess it is kind of strange that a few of us have had a small connection to this film, strange but cool at the same time.

Grats guys! I enjoyed it greatly!