Sunday, March 07, 2010

Video tutorial on Rendering Glass..

Hi. I am mohan, from India. We are a small team of creative people making an animated series named KICHAVADI for a television channel here in our home land using Open source softwares.. Ted gave me the liberty to post here to give back my exploration with blender & renderman. Thanks for him. :)

I have done an audio-less video tutorial on rendering glass. Using fake method of achieving refraction and transparency with AQSIS. This is the same lamp and settings i am using it in production. Thanks to Erric (Mosaic developer) for detailed guide.

Erric talk on rendering glass material in aqsis - blender:
Setup the materials IOR and Fresnel for the materials RayTransp tab (also RayMir and its Fresnel if you want reflections), be sure to DISABLE both "Ray Mirror" and "Ray Tranp" toggles or MOSAIC will think its supposed to export raytracing. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is the environment map only sees what "outside" the glass so you will not be able to see what's "inside" in the refraction (like the flame and lamp base). You can get around this by turning down Alpha on the material however this will also "fade out" the reflections and refractions.If you want the reflections to be solid and the fresnel to be "see through" you can do a trick by enabling "TraShadow" on the material and MOSAIC's shaders will use the fresnel to adjust the output alpha.

This is my link to video tutorial