Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another update in MOSAIC's recent progress

Greetings everyone!

Just thought I'd post an update on several things just added to MOSAIC :)

After a few conversations with Syoyo and Tenzin as well as questions asked over the last couple of months, I have added more direct control of some of MOSAIC's internal exporter. In particular there is now a dialog in the "MOSAIC settings" tab that has a series of toggles for turning on/off some of the structural RIB export stuff. At this point the only things that can't be turned off in export are RiFormat and RiAttributeBegin/End which I think is the bare minimum valid RIB you could have. Also these toggles are tied into the preset system so they can be automatically set depending on what renderer is selected. Because of this I have added Angel, Gelato, jrMan and Lucille to the preset list. I tried adding PBRT and LuxRender but unfortunately they are using a heavily modified version of RIB that's not translatable (unless someone know about a translator out there).

I have Angel and jrMan setup like BMRT except for their render call so they can use BMRT's compiler and shader info.

Gelato can read standard RIB files (with a added module) but unfortunately uses its own GSL instead of RSL, If you use Gelato you'll need to translate MOSAIC's built in shaders with a utility you can get with Gelato or just use the shaders provided with Gelato. Also I have Gelato's shader extension added to the preset so you can include Gelato GSL source in Blender just like you can with RSL :)

Here's the Killeroo test scene (with shaders already translated) rendered with Gelato:

And here's the file if you want to play with it (warning 16meg file!)

For comparison I decided to try and reproduce this scene in Blender's internal renderer. I used high res SDS with displacement modifier and normals. It was soo slow I ended up leaving the ground flat because it was too costly, this took 10.6 hours! I think this clearly shows the benefit of micropoly displacement :)

And here's the file if you want to play with it (warning 16meg file!)

And last but not least, because of the new exporter and preset controls I was able to get Lucille working in MOSAIC. I was having some problems with the meshes rendering properly but did manage to get this simple render ;)

Here's the project file

I already have everything setup to render so hopefully this will help you with Lucille's development Syoyo ;)

Thats it, thanks for reading my rantings!!


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  1. The gelato_kileroo.blend file is corrupted (downloads only 5.5 meg). Please reupload if possible. This is the only way for me to get the built-in MOSAIC shaders translated to gsl.