Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Matt Ebb improves Blender to 3Delight


Matt Ebb has continued to work on his 3Delight export script, which had been mentioned before last year as one of the newest Renderman addons that has popped into the Blender community.

Since RIBMosaic is in the process of being developed under a new team and is intended to be used for Aqsis, Matt's addon is geared more for 3Delight, a commercial Renderman compliant renderer that has been used in several big budget films and one of the most popular RiSpec renderers next to Pixar's commercial products.

From his site :

Supported Features

  • 3D motion blur with sub-frame samples
  • 3D depth of field blur
  • Integrated render result (appears in Blender compositor)
  • Polygon/subd mesh geometry, linked group instances, parametric primitives, particles as points or hair strand curves
  • Adjust shader parameters in Blender UI
  • Write and compile shaders in Blender text editor
  • Automatically converts texture maps to 3delight’s optimised tiled TIFF format
  • Simple global illumination light shaders built in
  • Automatically generated shadow maps, raytraced shadows
Download v0.5
Requires a Blender svn build > r34664


Unpack and move the render_3delight folder into your blender addons folder. You can then enable the addon in the Addons tab of blender user preferences.
08 Feb: Due to a change in recent versions of 3Delight installation, this only works if you start Blender from the command line. I’m investigating a fix now.


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