Monday, May 05, 2008

BtoR Pipeline updates

It has been over a year since I last worked on the Aqsis wiki page "BtoR Pipeline". I have actually just added and changed this wiki to reflect some of the progress that has been made since then, with MOSAIC being added, as well as finally adding a very short section of how to use animated particle systems with the pipeline (simply - use Blender to render them and composite later). Also there is a short section on the more advanced topics of interests like GI and SSS, though there is nothing to describe how to use them.

The purpose of that wiki page is really to provide a way for people to collect the tools needed to create the pipeline and then be able to use them. Since I have no idea how to make a complete package of all these tools available for download without stepping on developers toes, nor the actual physical location to download an ISO image, this will have to do for now. Also the idea to move this wiki page over to here is possible and I might end up doing so in the near future just to have that whole page on the blog it was intended for.

The idea I had a year or so ago was to collect all these programs, tools, shaders and documentation and then make an ISO for download so the average person can just burn it to disk and then install, I even collected sources and builds for various OSs to try to provide the maximum coverage. The Pixar docs were also in this ISO but I think that might violate copyright laws, but those are not hard to find at all.

Feel free to look this wiki page over, and I also encourage people to contribute as much as possible without making the page too jumbled and busy. Ideas or comments ?


  1. Pavel Siska6/5/08 10:54

    Great ob Ted ;) good luck in the future development

  2. I can put the BToR Pipeline page on the website, and contributions can be submitted here as comments.

    This way there is a wider view port for the page and images, and it will be easier to find, via a shorter link.

    For the ISO, I set up storage for large files, for things such as this and large blend, RIB and animations.


  3. Hi, just tried it out, but blender replies upon script execution:

    ImportError: cannot import name BtoRGUIClasses

  4. Omar, BToR was designed to work with Blender 2.42, and Python 2.44.

    If the version of Blender or Python you are using is more recent than this, it probably won't work.

    It might be better to try MOSAIC.