Thursday, January 31, 2008

1st Announcement

In autumn last year the Blender to Renderman forum created by Ted Gocek,
that was at,
was deleted by the host for no reason.

Neither he nor I have a copy of the SQL database, or the facilities to set up
our own PHP forum server, or maintain one, so we discussed spreading a
new forum across a Google Group, Blogger account, and Googlepages site.

These are now at :

This is the first post on the blog.

Announcements, discussions, questions and answers can be posted to the group.

In addition, once the developers that were members of the forum join the group,
they will be added to this blog.

Announcements about exporters and other tools can be posted on the group,
with a link to a more detailed post on here, which will also be able to include images,
as well as better options for syntax highlighting of code.

We might add a Google Video or Youtube account for animations if there is a way to do
this with multiple members. In addition to this, if further space for images is needed,
we can set up a Picasa web account with an additional 1 GB JPEG storage.

It will take a while to get things set up and running smoothly, tidy CSS templates,
and try to capture at least some of the posts and links from the old forum via web archive
searches. Any recovered forum posts will be added to this blog and back dated.

My apologies for the extended downtime.



  1. Tenzin,

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk about or projects and share our ideas with one another (or anybody else that comes along for that matter) ;-)

    Your efforts are much appreciated :-D

  2. Thank you.

    I am happy that yourself and the other developers from the previous forum joined this. Especially since you are the active members that make the forum work.

    Soon I'll add a post on Posting, probably backdated to appear directly above Labels.

    Then, announce our reincarnation on forums.